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Golda’s Final Thoughts

Everything I did in Tamil Nadu helped prepare me to be a more effective social worker in the United States. Through my experience with SST in Padavedu, I improved my ability to do  qualitative research in order to be able to advocate for policy reform. I also have a greater understanding of how cultural competency … Continue reading

Golda: Week 5

Last week I conducted a training on how to make moringa powder with a SST CDO, Baskar. Baskar is a motivated individual who is passionate about community development. He graduated from a MSW program in Madras School of Social Work and has been working with SST since 2009. Baskar brought us from Chennai to Padavedu … Continue reading

Golda: Week 4

To follow up on the previous post regarding anemia as a prevalent condition in Padavedu and its surrounding areas, I have started a project training animators to make moringa powder. I learned about moringa powder during my training as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo, West Africa. When I got to Padavedu, I teamed up … Continue reading

Golda: Week 3

For two years, SST animators have conducted anemia camps in the Padavedu region. Anemia is a common problem in the area. The doctor at the SST hospital estimates that in tribal area virtually every adult has an anemia diagnosis and approximately 70% of her patients in the rural area has anemia. Because the region is … Continue reading

Golda: Week 2

Over the past week, SST in Padavedu hosted newly minted MBA graduates who were recently hired to work in the TVS Group’s Marketing and Human Resources departments. We joined them in their training and traveled with them throughout the plains and tribal areas. The purpose of the MBA graduates’ visit was to observe the initiatives … Continue reading

Golda: Week 1

My first week in Padavedu was breathtaking and overwhelming. Kim and I spent less than one day in Chennai, Tamil Nadu before traveling three and a half hours south to Padavedu by train and bus. The staff of SST welcomed us with chai and chapati before sending us off to settle into our room. Since … Continue reading

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