Golda Calonge

Golda Calonge has completed her first year as a Masters of Social Work
student at Columbia University School of Social Work, with a concentration
policy and international social welfare. Her first year field placement was
with Sauti Yetu Center for African Women in the Bronx, where she worked with
domestic violence survivors, helping to provide counseling services and
information about their rights and the resources available to them.

She volunteered from 2007-2009 in Afélé, Togo with the Peace Corps, where she
taught HIV/AIDS education and worked with women in Afélé to establish
microfinance operations, income-generating enterprises and, last but not
least, a soccer team. After finishing her work with the Peace Corps, Golda
returned to her home state of Virginia to serve as middle school director at
Accotink Academy. There, she taught middle school and high school students
and designed research-based lesson plans that critically considered
students’ background knowledge and progress. She has volunteered at the
Tahirih Justice Center in Virginia as a French and Tagalog translator, as a
group facilitator at the Filipino American Human Services office in Queens,
NY and is a licensed Special Education teacher.

Golda chose to study social work because she is committed to collaborating
with rural communities and she is very much looking forward to working in
Tamil Nadu, experiencing the culture, and meeting new people.



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