Kimberly Nasatir

Kimberly Nasatir has completed her first year of coursework at CUSSW and will be specializing in Advanced Generalist Practice and Programming (see below) and Public Policy with a focus on Contemporary Social Issues. Her first year field placement was at a public middle school in the Bronx, where she provided counseling services for students with mental and behavioral issues. Kimberly also ran an art therapy group targeted at building self-esteem and communication skills to empowering adolescents.

Prior to CUSSW, she worked as a producer for a news analysis radio program. In addition, she was a contract administrator for the largest US entertainment labor union for five years, where she fought for worker’s rights, job security, and benefits. She worked on collective bargaining agreement contracts, public relations, and created community service programs that utilized the skills of the union members to rebuild homes of retired members.

Kimberly has also volunteered for I Live Here Projects, which developed a school in a juvenile prison in Lilongwe, Malawi.   The result of the first project she worked on was a Malawian-run full-time school, a composting toilet, a permaculture system, a legal rights program, and a new infrastructure. She was responsible for fundraising, event planning, advocacy, and publicity.  The UN is currently considering this project to be a model for prison projects in post-conflict countries.

Outside of work and school life, Kimberly is passionate about music, theatre, and visual arts. Additionally, Kimberly has a background in writing, and believes that sharing stories is one of the most powerful and important ways to create a global connection. She has also been dedicated to the practice of yoga for most of her adult life.  She has always been fascinated by Indian culture, traditions, arts, and food; she is excited to learn and partner with the people at SST and in Padavedu.



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